You want to join EMINENCE?

About Us

Eminence is a PvE Casual+ Raiding guild. We are Mums and Dads, College Students and Workers. We are many things here, and we like alotta stuff!

From PvP to PvE, Pet collecting and Transmog seeking. We like achievement hunting and Marmot Punting, as well as Role playing and Trollplaying! We wanna see content and we wanna have fun!

We have a very casual atmosphere with a lot of fun, jokes, Taters and good times to be had, and when it comes to raids we bring our A-game, and have fun doing so.

At this point in time: We are 5/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults (5/16 for this raid tier) and are seeking skilled DPS to fill out our raiding roster.

Basic Rules

Applicants have to be 18 years or older, we broach discussions that may be too much (or too lewd and crude) for very young players, though exceptions can be made for skilled and mature applicants.

Upon Invite, there is a Probation period of two weeks, and a participation requirement of four raids. We will then hold a guild vote. If you get the thumbs up, you are promoted to Member and there will be cake. If not, then we feel that we aren't the guild for you, and a complementary Cupcake shall be awarded.

Guild Chat is rated "X", a feast of double entendres, Mum jokes and nous to partake in. But be warned; extremities such as racial slurs, overly sexist comments and the like will not be tolerated.

It is expected when you wear the guild tag (out and about, in PUGs, general chat, BG's, etc) that you stay classy! Keep the mood light and fun, keep trolling tastefully.

We will roll on your Sex Trinky, we will probably misdirect trash onto you, We may even lifegrip you into the fire, but know that we do it with love!

And for the Lulz.

Loot & Gear

Our loot system is not overly complex, you need on stuff you need for your main spec.

Mainspec will always get priority over an offspec.

The catch is that we want to spread the love, so that if you need on something, and someone else needs it as well, the item is awarded to the person with the lowest amount of successful need rolls. This ensures that loot that is needed is distributed evenly throughout the raid members and that everyone will gear at a similar pace.

If no one needs it for a main spec, the offspec roll is open for offspec use BEFORE Transmog roll, THEN we will shard it.

Raid Times

Going by SERVER time, our raids are set to 10:00pm Friday and Saturday nights. However, due to our nature, sometimes these things change, e.g. we might do something midweek, if too many people are busy on a given Saturday.

Food, Consumables and the like are required on raid nights, if you pass the probationary and become a member, these will be provided by the Bank if you actively contribute to the cause.


Your gear must be Enchanted and Gemmed. It doesn't have to be the BEST enchants and BEST gems on and in your blue gear, but something relevant and correct for your role. We are more than happy to provide for you from the guild bank!

All we ask in return is that you know your class and all aspects of it. Know what you need in terms of stats, and gear. Know your correct DPS rotations for your spec and how to utilize yourself best per encounter (something witty about bad dps practices). If you are a healer, know how to effectively do so (something witty about bad healing practices). If you are a tank, know how to piss things off (not the healer) and not die (blame the healer).

We will not baby you if you are doing the wrong thing and make the same repeated mistakes (e.g. standing in Fire). We aren't going to go off our heads, but you will be called up for it.

If you are not performing at your potential, we'll talk and see what we can do to fix it. We aren't going to be complete assholes about it, and we will try our best to help you learn how to do your best. However, if you cannot take advice, critique or cannot spend at least 5-10mins to look something up to improve yourself game wise, or just don't listen... boot to the head!

Kitchen Sink

If we haven't frightened you away, we applaud you, You crazy Rat-Bastard. We are unique but united, and we wanna have fun doing all the crazy shit WoW has to offer. If the times suit you, our style is something you can gel with and you don't mind our Mature Immaturity, then you will be welcome here.

Our Forums if you wanna have a gander are here. (Must wear goggles!)

Please don't hesitate to contact one of our officers in game - Symari, Elexis, Ileani or Lunaflora - if you have any further need to approach Insanity, or have any questions.